Eight ERP


Is a flexible and customizable system for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is for integrating different parts of the business management cycle along your supply chain, to achieve quality, connectivity, productivity, and scalability.

It is a full suite of applications that facilitates a smooth flow of data and transactions among the business activities: accounting, human resource operations & payroll, procurement, project management, warehouse management, production & CRM, sales & purchases.

Transform your business

Delivers your future needs now. With our ERP, you can plan growth without the need to worry about software changes:


Expand the processes, type and size of businesses, in which can always be able to enhance, change or expand the way or the kind of your work.


Offering many options of system adaptation, matching possible requirements, as well as the ability to reengineer processes for adjustable and flexible business solutions.


Maximize control over transactions, by eliminates errors, duplications, and misleading entries, towards an effective business operations, for scale performance.


The ability for mange, monitor and adjust business tasks, with a flexible user's privilege, is one of this system design perspectives.


Efficient achievement of business objectives in formulations designed to simplify, and to make complex specialized work facilitated quickly, easily and in multiple ways for the user.


The system maybe accessed throught many platform and electronic devices, since the system is a cloud software.


Continues Aiming for higher performance, best practice as well as user engagement and consideration, the system toward effectiveness, efficiency, and transform


Hight integration among modules, achieving successful interconnectivity for data and business process engineering.

Choose your business model soft components

Some of the important modules/units that your solution shall be provisioned from, to have a clue about the components of your potential system, as this is a subject of change, customization or extend:


Identification and classification of documents and forms is entirely up to the user and this is an advanced paperless system for your business.


Classify all your goods and services, using these definitions from other components of the system, whether for production, purchase, sale, etc.


How to warehouse stuff and decide inventory operations such as storing etc. which is also associated to other components.

Sales & Purchases

Perform sale operation through quotation, sale points, invoices, as well as purchases.


Track and report inbound/outbound goods at delivery process.


Define types of clients as supplier, buyer, or whatever considerable account.


Bookkeeping made easier, all about opening a business account, journal standard entry, etc. It is an important facility that every business need.


Construct business frame hierarchical, manage assets and jobs, to enable your business for complete HR, PM module implementation


Workforce management, money & asset allowances and positions, made easy to success all business plans institutionally.

Project Planning

Planning enterprises have continuous activities of many types of business, here are the place to divide projects, tasks, reports and minor steps with control.


This is about Manufacturing business management, identifying units, production materials, costs, inputs and outputs, etc, as an important information tool for adjusting your production.

Efficient support components to your modules

Support activities are fundamental to the system for multiplication of its turnover value.


Quantitative representation of data is essential to intelligent business, and important for correct decisions and evaluations in organizations. Comprehensive, flexible, and configurable, tangled data can be represented into many wayes.

Automate & Configure

Robotic data entry is a utility for robust insertion, comfort configuration and automatic computing of tasks, can significantly ease the amount of entrance and system productivity.